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Helmet for EMOTions

Emotional preparedness in case of disasters:
Research and training for children, adolescents, and adults

Psychology & Disasters

Disasters (e.g., natural disasters, technological disasters, terrorism, etc.) have a potentially highly traumatic impact on psychological functioning.

Emotional preparedness

Emotional preparedness aims at building people’s emotional resilience to combat the psychological trauma associated with disasters.


We conduct research on people’s understanding of disasters and disaster-related emotions. Our focus is on children and adolescents’ psychological development.


We develop training programs (patent pending) including ICT (Information and Communication Technology) to promote people’s understanding of disasters and disaster-related emotions.

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Survey internazionale per studenti universitari

IMPACTS OF THE COVID-19 PANDEMIC ON LIFE OF HIGHER EDUCATION STUDENTS Si invitano gli studenti universitari italiani a prendere parte alla ricerca internazionale “IMPACTS OF THE COVID-19 PANDEMIC ON LIFE[…]

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Coronavirus e gestione delle emozioni: Formazione online per enti e aziende

HEMOT® propone diverse soluzioni di training online per enti e aziende relativamente alla gestione delle emozioni vissute durante la pandemia di Covid-19 causata dal nuovo coronavirus. Quali sono gli obiettivi del[…]

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Coronavirus: Psychological tips for children and adolescents’ emotions

Suggested citation: Raccanello, D., Vicentini, G., Rocca, E., Barnaba, V., Hall, R., & Burro, R. (2020). Development and early implementation of a public communication campaign to help adults to support[…]

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