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Helmet for EMOTions

Emotional preparedness in case of disasters:
Research and training for children, adolescents, and adults

Psychology & Disasters

Disasters (e.g., natural disasters, technological disasters, terrorism, etc.) have a potentially highly traumatic impact on psychological functioning.

Emotional preparedness

Emotional preparedness aims at building people’s emotional resilience to combat the psychological trauma associated with disasters.


We conduct research on people’s understanding of disasters and disaster-related emotions. Our focus is on children and adolescents’ psychological development.


We develop training programs (patent pending) including ICT (Information and Communication Technology) to promote people’s understanding of disasters and disaster-related emotions.

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The PrEmT project (the first pilot project of the HEMOT® project) exists thanks to the support of University of Verona and Fondazione Cariverona.

University of Verona

Within the PrEmT project, we have an active collaboration with the Order of Geologists of Veneto Region.

Ordine dei Geologi della Regione Veneto

The pilot study of the PrEmT project was tested in a primary school of Verona, with more than 130 children.

Istituto Comprensivo 16 Valpantena

The HEMOT® project promotes training courses focused on competences that could be helpful to cope with different stressful situations.

The New York Times

The HEMOT® project aims at promoting resilience for children, adolescents, and adults in stressful situations, such as earthquakes.

Il Mattino di Padova

The HEMOT® project has gained great visibility thanks to the interview to the coordinator, Dr. Daniela Raccanello, in The New York Times.

Univr Magazine

Within the PrEmT project, “prevention” is the keyword: we promote children’s knowledge about earthquakes and emotions.

Il Gazzettino

Through the HEMOT® project, children understand the importance of choosing the coping strategy that better fits with the context.

Radio Verona

In the HEMOT® project, we promote learning by having fun, with both digital and pen-and-paper games.


Children that participate to the training of the PrEmT project report in the website of their school that they learn while having fun 

Istituto Comprensivo 16 Valpantena

Counters of participants 


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